Shyam Motwani


How it all started?

RBCS was formally known as RADIO BHUVAN when the founder director Mr.Shyam Motwani started it in September 1954. Mr. S.S.Motwani was a scholar and was just in his teens when he started this institute. Today, RBCS has grown to be the only career organization of its kind across the five continents and it has the privilege of being the only organization manned, managed and owned by teachers.


Mr S.S.Motwani is a well known HRD expert and Vocational Counsellor with over 4 decades of experience. Still he personally conducts many of the courses like Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, Travel and Tourism, Sales & Marketing as well as the Personality Development and Communication Skills, etc.


He has pioneered the "BETTER HANDWRITING" workshop - a guaranteed course through which one can improve handwriting within mere 15 minutes. Mr Motwani has also done a comparative study of 15 Indian and Foreign Languages. He has through his expertise devised Effortless Speedy Learning (E.S.L) and Advanced Teaching Techniques (A.T.T). Hence all the courses at RBCS are conducted through these new systems making learning not only easier but also speedy and effective.


How are these courses unique?
Courses offered by routine institutes are academic whereas courses offered at RBCS impart operational skills for end utility and entrepreneurial application. That is why scores of RBCS students have got an edge in selection for jobs. Many have started their own businesses after completing short courses of 3 to 4 months even.

In what way RBCS claim to be different from other institutes?
RBCS has two distinct advantages. They are:

A) Department of Curriculum Planning: 

This department not only designs pragmatic curriculum but also regularly updates it to make it more effective in light of the latest technological developments. For instance, when Computerised Reservation System was introduced in travel agencies, RBCS group was the first institute to incorporate CRS training in its Travel & Tourism curriculum.

B) Research Department for Teaching Techniques: 

Through continuous research on understanding channels of human mind, simplified workshop methods have been evolved which make learning not only easy and interesting but also quick and effective.

What is significance of the name RBCS ?
When RBCS group started, the first Course introduced was RADIO and during the mid fifties the name BHUVAN was quite in vogue and that's how the name RADIO BHUVAN was conceived. Later it was changed to RADIO BHUVAN - the CAREER SUPERMARKET and abbreviated to RBCS group as by the 80's RBCS group was already offering as many as 100 different courses in 16 different fields. 

How "CAREER SUPERMARKET" name is appropriate ?
There are institutes and institutes, each one trying to SELL its own courses. If a career aspirant walks into a computer institute, he will be compelled to join a computer course and in a fashion institute a fashion designing course even if he does not have the aptitude for these courses. Thus,
today most institutes have turned into "teaching shops" where they are keen on "selling" rather than "guiding" the career aspirant what is suitable for him. 

RBCS group is a welfare organization and offers over 100 different courses. So we enlighten students about career options to suit their aptitude and abilities and leave the decision to them. This is where we are like a Supermarket. Firstly, we offer a WIDE RANGE. In the midst of hardcore selling by ducation shops, the CAREER SUPERMARKET helps students in selecting the right career and help him save time and money which he would otherwise spend on joining the wrong course.