Sunita Motwani Makhija

Sunita Motwani Makhija at 36 years is the youngest Director of SCHNELL HANS International School of Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetology having 3 ultramodern schools and salons for Ladies at Colaba, Napeansea Rd and Mahim. She along with her mother Romila Shyam who is the Founder Director of Schnell Hans have the unique distinction of training students who have started over 800 salons in India & abroad. Today, Sunita besides being one of the most renowned beauticians and hair designers is also a leading beauty journalist. Sunita came into the limelight in 1986 after undergoing intensive training at some of the leading International Schools in U.K. namely "Morris Masterclass" where she qualified for a Diploma of "World Federation for Supreme Hairdressers", Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy International etc.

During her stay in London, she was invited to a British School to demonstrate Mehendi designs which she had been specializing in from her school days. Immediately on her return, she gave a press conference and was widely appreciated by the fourth estate as the youngest accomplished teenage beautician of the country. Since then, there has been no looking back and she has had many firsts against her name. She was the first beautician to start an advanced hair design course for practising beauticians thus sharing the knowledge she had acquired from her frequent trips abroad. Always yearning to learn more, in 1987, she once again went to London to specialize in Make-up and she graduated successfully from Complections International, London. She was also the first person to bring Onychology or the Nail Sculpturing techniques to India and also the Caflon ear piercing system of "painless" ear piercing.

Along with her achievements in the field of beauty, she was simultaneously studying in H.R. College for her graduation. There too, she made her name by participating in the college fashion shows and always appeared in the top two rankings whenever she participated. Since her childhood, she has a flair for creativity and artistry and had been learning Bharat Natyam during her school days and also Piano which she even practices today having qualified for International exams of Trinity College, London. Being a college student, she realised that several students had complexes about their personalities, and to help them to overcome it, she pioneered Personality Transformation workshop and she has been popular amongst collegians for their Personality Transformation as well as her Fashion haircuts, perms and colours.

After graduating in 1987, she was invited by Indian Express to run a weekly beauty column on Saturdays called "Beauty Mirror" and she continued writing for them for over 2 years. She was very popular amongst the readers as she used to provide practical solutions for all their beauty queries and she was highly acclaimed for her expertise in the field of beauty and hairdressing. Sunita was also featured on Doordarshan on Channel II in the programme - "Young Achievers". In 1989, she was acclaimed as Outstanding Member by the Ladies Wing of Indian Merchant's Chamber and was the youngest lady member to be given such a honour.

In 1993, she was also acclaimed by her college in their annual magazine voyager under the banner "H.R-ites who made it". Besides her detailed interview had been published in a Junior College magazine as an inspiration to youngsters.

Sunita had been writing for various publications besides being a beauty editor for "Eves" - a monthly magazine. At present, she continues to write for "Opportunities Today" - an International Magazine for Youth around the world sharing her secrets on beauty, hairdressing and dietics. She regularly contributes to magazines such as Allure, Seventeen, etc.

In 1993, SCHNELL HANS celebrated their silver anniversary in the field and on the occasion, she arranged a seminar cum workshop for professional beauticians and parlour owners at the Indian Merchant's Chamber Hall. This workshop was inaugurated by leading journalist Ms. Shobha De who complemented Sunita on her achievements as a woman entrepreneur and a successful beautician.

In 1995, Sunita gave birth to twins ( a boy and a girl ) and during her pregnancy, she had been featured in the ZEE T.V. Teleserial - "Mere Ghar Aana Zindagi" thru' which she was an inspiration for many mothers-to -be and guided them on how to take proper care of their appearance, skin and fitness before and after pregnancy. Since 1995, she has been sharing both household responsibilities as well as her beauty business. She says that it has been possible to manage both thanks to the support that she has got in the home front from her Husband Suresh and her mother Romila Shyam.

Though it has been quite recent that women from India have dominated in International Pageants such as Miss World and Miss Universe, the trend of beauty awareness both from within and from outside has been popularized over the past three decades by Schnell Hans and the untiring efforts of their Directors Romila and Sunita who are today proud owners of three International schools and trainers of over 800 parlor owners world over.

Sunita Gets Prestigious L.C.G.I