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We teach more than 75 professional/ hobby courses

with choice of 12 International Qualifications

RBCS GROUP is a consortium of 3 vocational institutes: 

IHCTM          IMFAA       SchnellHans                 

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RBCS GROUP has 3 professional associates:

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Why RBCS Group students are a cut above the rest?

1.    RBCS Group does not run any franchise centres, thus ensuring quality and consistency in training standards

2.    The Directors themselves are part of the Faculty thus ensuring quality training

3.   RBCS Group has a professional division for most of its training programmes. Thus, RBCS Group students are best equipped to learning entrepreneurial skills. This ensures their capability of handling assignments at a Managerial level. If it's a Journalism workshop RBCS Group  provides exposure to students thru e-magazine Opportunities Today, if it's travel and tourism, professional exposure is provided   thru Compact Travels, if it's advertising and marketing, there is Schnell Hans Advertising and Marketing and if its beauty and hairdressing, Schnell Hans Salons give students the requisite exposure.

4.    RBCS has been the pioneer of POWER LEARNING - simplified systems for effective training


Technological advancement has taken place in every field and the way we think and work today has changed phenomenally. The human mind has developed a grasping power and ability to absorb information easily using the tools available. Hence, to simplify the learning process, RBCS thru its research of over 5 decades has devised a novel system where learning becomes as simple as listening and teaching is as telling. This novel concept is known as POWER LEARNING thru which you can learn, for instance even a foreign language in just 15 hours

POWER LEARNING guarantees 100% success with a score of over 60% in any assessment to ensure that you have an edge in the

professional field that you wish to pursue.

There are three simple steps to get results thru POWER LEARNING:

1.  Your attendance has to be 100%

2.  When in doubt, clarify immediately

3.  For any class you attend, put at least 50% additional time at home for practice so that you are conversant in whatever you have learnt.

POWER LEARNING is not only about learning but also involves the process of how to do your class work, prepare journals and notes

as per the scientific system devised by experts. Summarily, POWER LEARNING includes Scientific Teaching Techniques making the

duration shorter, simpler and more effective with emphasis on Hands-On-Training.

POWER LEARNING has enabled us to fulfill our mission statement successfully.

Our Mission Statement:

"To equip people with quality education for upgrading their awareness skills &

abililies in a pragmatic way thus helping them in pursuing excellence and achievement

in personal, professional, social  and spiritual spheres of life enriched with values."


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