More About RBCS

RBCS is the acronym for Radio Bhuvan Career Supermarket, an extension of the original name Radio Bhuvan which was started way back in 1954 by its Founder Director Mr Shyam Motwani. The first vocational course introduced was Radio and the name Bhuvan being quite in vogue during those days and thus the name RADIO BHUVAN was conceived.

Today, RBCS is a consortium of 2 vocational institutes comprising of IHCTMand IMFAA. Unlike other vocational institutes, RBCS has two distinct advantages:

1. Department of Curriculum Planning

This department designs pragmatic curriculum and regularly updates it as per the requirement of the industries. For instance, when CRS was introduced in Travel Companies, RBCS was the first institute to incorporate CRS training in its Travel and Tourism Curriculum.

2. Department of Research for Innovative Teaching Techniques

Why is a CAREER SUPERMARKET necessary today?

In today's world of hard core selling and marketing, most institutes treat courses as products and want to achieve their sales target whether or not you have the aptitude to pursue a course. For instance, a computer institute will compel you to enrol for computers or a fashion institute will recommend a fashion course even though these courses may not be suited for you. To stand apart from teaching shops who sell rather than tell what is good for you as per your aptitude and at the same time offer you multiple career opportunities, a CAREER SUPERMARKET is necessary to give you a wide range of career options.

Hence, today RBCS, offers you a choice of over 100 career options in over 16 different fields which range from Airline and Hospitality, Management, Self Development and Entrepreneurship Developmental Skills to Creative Skills such as Fashion, Interiors, Graphic Arts as well as I.T. skills and international qualifications too.


And that is one of the premier reasons that RBCS unlike many of the institutes does not have any franchise centres as franchise is possible for a commodity and not for education. This is why in most developed countries you do not have franchise centres. Even in India, institutes having franchise centres have struggled to survive as only quality can survive the test of time. However, RBCS would be glad to encourage entrepreneurs who would like to impart quality education and can start RBCS approved centres.

About our Directors: RBCS - the ONLY institute manned, managed and owned by teachers

  • Late Shyam Motwani
    The Founder Director of RBCS is an HRD expert with over 4 decades of experience in Vocational Counselling. Mr Motwani was a scholar during his school days and was barely in his teens when he started this institute. Even today, Mr Motwani personally conducts courses in Advertising, Journalism and Public Relations, Customer Service & Marketing as well as Personality Development Programmes. Mr Motwani has pioneered a guaranteed course in BETTER HANDWRITING besides introducing the concept of POWER LEARNING. Mr Motwani is the Editor of leading monthly career magazine OPPORTUNITIES TODAY which is published since 1971
  • Subhash Motwani
    MIH DTTSM is the Chief Faculty and Director of IHCTM. He is a Member of the Institute of Hospitality and has completed 23 lATA qualifications. Subhash was one of the 14 experts from around the world who was invited by lATA for the Pilot Testing of the new IATA/UFTAA programmes in Geneva in July 1999. Subhash is well versed in foreign languages and has lots of creative ideas. Subhash is also the director of COMPACT TRAVELS PVT LTD –a destination management tour company specializing in FIT packages and customized tours. Subhash has completed his destination specialization programmes thus qualifying as Austrian Certified Agent, Aussie Specialist, Kiwi Specialist, Bavarian Specialist, Jordan Specialist, Scots Destination Specialist as well as he has attended destination specialization workshops for Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary , Poland at the ASTA 2006 IDE held in Prague in March 2006. He is ably assisted by Vini Motwani who is a faculty member of the IATA/UFTAA and IATA/FIATA programmes.

RBCS Professional Side

The RBCS group besides conducting a wide range of courses has an excellent CAREER COUNSELLING cell which assesses aptitude of career aspirants and advises them of the career options which they could pursue to fulfil their career needs.

In addition, RBCS publishes a regular monthly magazine called OPPORTUNITIES TODAY since 1971 which is given complimentary to its students for two years and has a wide subscription database as well. RBCS also has been offering career guidance on Radio, earlier on M. W. and later in July 2000 until 2001 on FM.

RBCS also has one of the most comprehensive websites on careers- which is constantly updated to keep career aspirants informed about exciting career avenues. Since 2002,RBCS has also started COMPACT TRAVELS PVT LTD ( ) - a destination specialized tour company which assists travellers with customized packages to emerging destinations including South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand. Compact Travels also assists students of IHCTM to get on-the-job training after completing their travel qualifications from IHCTM.

Recently, RBCS has also started a travel information cell called COMPACT HOLIDAY CLUB(CHC)-an associate of COMPACT TRAVELS PVT LTD which gives exposure to the travel and tourism students of IHCTM.

Till date over 200,000 students of RBCS have benefitted thru quality training imparted using the Power Learning Methods. Each batch is restricted to 15 participants to ensure personalized attention and effective learning. RBCS has a team of over 70 exclusive in-house faculty members. RBCS offers its programmes at 3 locations in Mumbai viz Colaba, V. T. and Mahim and has established such phenomenal goodwill that it is quite common for students commuting twice or thrice a week from as far as Nasik and Pune to avail of quality training.

Now that you know about RBCS and its associates, seek an appointment with one of our expert counsellors and select the right career package as per your aptitude and you are on your way to avail of quality education for global