Diploma in PEPCO

PEPCO stands for (1)Power Personality, (2) Effectiveness Techniques, (3)  Presentation Plus, (4) Communication Skills and (5) Opportunities for Growth.

Every organization needs persons who are good at Customer Care and Presentation Skills. These trained persons work towards promotion and Public Relations striving to excel in Customer Service Skills. Today it is Customer Relations and Presentation that boosts the business with follow up through Telemarketing.This workshop training is offered under personal supervision of our Director who is an HRD expert since over 65years. The training consists of interactive workshop as well as hands- on experience. This experience will help you to get command and mastery over skills as well as inculcate the confidence needed to continuously keep on earning in your spare time
Topics covered in "Self Empowerment Skills" Training:
A. Success Achievement Skills
B. Presentation Plus and Customer ServiceThe first part i.e. Success Achievement Skills helps you to become an effective communicator, which is the most essential tool for all. The section on Effectiveness Techniques helps you to take total charge of your life including work, studies and career by being a good planner and organizer as well as a decision maker. This in turn helps you to not only become an effective performer but Presentation Plus and Customer Service helps you understand the finer points for marketing products and services. Training includes practical techniques to master skills scientifically and systematically leading you to prosperity and happiness.Success Achievement Skills include

  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Decision Making
  • Human Understanding and Human Relations
  • Assertiveness
  • Effective Communication
  • Preparing a speech including language, style, delivery techniques
  • Assessing a speech and extempore speech
  • Motivation
  • Seminar participation techniques
  • Compering a programme
  • Conducting meetings
  • Using leadership communication
  • Speaking with confidence on one-to-one as well as at social and formal levels.
  • Facing interviews

Customer Service and Presentation Plus include

  • Understanding Presentation, its importance and purpose, procedure, plan and performance
  • Restructuring the operation thru creativity for a win-win situation
  • Presentation for Products and Services
  • Telemarketing techniques: compiling lists, preparing presentations, follow up
  • Overcoming hurdles and handling tricky situations during negotiation and presentations
  • Analysis for improvement and strategical planning
  • Application of training in a day-to-day life to acquire a winning edge
  • Graduating from a trainee to trainer
  • How to be on a swift track to success
  • Multiple returns and networking benefits
  • How to achieve and exceed targets
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Field Projects for earning and learning

On successful completion of training, projects and examination, you will be eligible for Diploma in "Self Employment Skills".