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IMFAA Courses

Foreign Languages

Choice of Languages – FRENCH, GERMAN, ARABIC and PERSIAN. (Conversational for Beginners)

Language learning is extremely essential for the airline and hospitality industries. With globalization, the importance of language learning has grown in other areas too i.e. business, tourism, exports, etc.

As the importance of learning a language is growing every year, it forms an integral part for growth in Airline and Hospitality fields, the participants in any course have an option to learn any one or more foreign languages at a reduced fee.

How do you decide on selecting a foreign language?

In case you intend travelling to places like USA, Latin America, South America, Spain or Europe than knowing Spanish is a must. For Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman learning of Arabic is indispensable. For Canada, France, West of Africa and most of Europe French is the spoken language. Both German and Italian are widely spoken in Europe and most parts of the world.Selecting a language also depends on the field you are choosing. For hospitality and fashion industries, French is essential; for technology German and for Exports to the Americas, Spanish. In case you decide on joining an international airline any additional foreign language would give you an edge over others. The more the languages you learn, the more the opportunities come your way.

Through our constant research we have simplified language learning to enable you to get foundation for any of the above mentioned language courses in 30/35 sessions. Besides getting sufficient knowledge, you will be getting confidence to study further on your own without any help. We also guide you how to go further on your own.

Our language courses lay more emphasis on correct pronunciation and conversation. Course Fees include audio cassette and/or bi-lingual pocket dictionary to help you build your vocabulary and keep in touch with the language even after several months or years.


Conversational Arabic

Alphabet Script; Pronunciation; Introduction to Words and Phrases; Reading and Writing Practice; Vowel Representations; Articles and Special Letters; Basic Conversation; Use of Pronouns and Present Tense; Possessive Pronouns; Study of Numerals; Time Fractions; Greetings and Courtesy; Negative and Imperative Forms; Study of Tenses; Asking Questions; Days and Months; Colours; Translation and Conversation Practice on Business, Shopping, Social Purposes. Conversation practice for doctors, hospitals, etc. ; Customs; Revision Exercises – Course material includes audio cassette and advanced home study book.

Conversational French

Pronunciation; Pronouns; Days and Numbers; Months; Articles; Regular and Irregular Verbs; Present – Past – Future Tenses; Seasons; Conversational Passages in a restaurant, asking directions, shopping around, at the bus terminus, at the airport, making hotel reservations; time; prepositions and object pronouns; translation; negation and interrogation; common expressions of courtesy. Course material includes an audio cassette and bi-lingual pocket dictionary.

Conversational German

Pronunciation; Sentences; Verbs and Tenses Present, Past Perfect, Future, Präteritum; Conversation; Negation and Interrogation; Modal Verbs and its use; Cases and uses of prepositions; object pronouns; translations; revision exercises; days, numbers, months, time, seasons. Course material includes a bi-lingual pocket dictionary. German being highly technical like Sanskrit, unless you get your technical foundation strong, you will not be able to go further. That’s why routine courses cannot help you much.

We also organize Advanced courses from time to time & as per demand.