20 Reasons Why You Should Join IHCTM?

  1. I.H.C.T.M. is the pioneer in India for courses in Travel & Tourism, Air Cargo & Courier Management, Airline Management as well as Foreign Languages learning in just 12/16 sessions
  2. I.H.C.T.M. has its own permanent in-house faculty (not guest lecturers) thus maintaining continuity and cohesion in course plan.
  3. I.H.C.T.M. has a system of regularly updating its courses thus keeping you abreast with the latest in the airline, travel, cargo and hospitality industries.
  4. I.H.C.T.M's faculty members include its Directors - Mr. S. S. Motwani - founder Director cum HRD expert with over 50 years experience. Mr. Shyam Motwani has been in the field of Travel and Airline training since 1971. Subhash Motwani MHCIMA is a full Corporate Member of Hotel and Catering International Management Association U.K. Subhash has the unique distinction of having completed over 27 qualifications from I.A.T.A. in Airline, Travel and Air Cargo Industries. He is a Travel journalist and is proficient in French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. Subhash is overall incharge of the Air Cargo, Travel and language training division. In 2004, Subhash has qualified as a South Africa Fundi (Expert) & is a SKAL member. Subhash is also Director of Compact Travels Pvt. Ltd. Vini Motwani, is a faculty member for IATA/UFTAA and IATA/FIATA qualifications. Our team of faculty also includes team of experts who have several years experience at Operations and at Supervisory level in the Hospitality and Airline Industries.
  5. As computerization is the need of the hour, our Travel & Tourism, Airline Management and Hotel Management courses have Computer Aided Training facilities for Automation in related fields. I.H.C.T.M was the first institute in India to impart comprehensive training in Computerized Reservations Systems (CRS) packages with international certification from VIASINC, USA.
  6. I.H.C.T.M. arranges apprenticeship /internship in most trade courses. eg. Our Hotel Management Students are sent to Star Hotels/ Restaurants for apprenticeship training. Our Cargo students get opportunity to work at International Airport.
  7. Batches are limited to 12 participants or less to ensure personalized attention and effective learning
  8. Course Material is simplified and designed by experts from the industry.
  9. Our Computerized Students' Assistance Department assists students with placements and business guidance as well as Vocational Counselling
  10. Free Vocational Counselling and Career Guidance from experts is offered for right choice of career programmes and placement assistance on course completion. Thus we provide TOTAL CAREER PLANNING.
  11. Foreign languages as well as advanced courses for specialization is available at concessional fees.
  12. Facility to qualify for international examinations is possible through our authorized training centres. IHCTM offers courses from IATA and In-house courses as well.
  13. All courses are part-time thus enabling you to attend simultaneously with your work/college.
  14. Project Work is mandatory in Diploma courses which acts as an impressive portfolio for job interviews.
  15. Most courses are arranged at 2 locations (Colaba and Mahim) in Mumbai with convenient batch timings (mornings/ afternoons/evenings). We run no franchise centres as quality education is our priority.
  16. IHCTM is the ONLY institute which is owned, managed and run by teachers.
  17. IHCTM has its own travel management company COMPACT TRAVELS PVT. LTD. (www.compacttravels.com) & Alumni Division for regular updates from the Industry.
  18. Minimum percentage of passing adopted is 50 % and in some subjects even 60% to maintain high standards for better employment opportunities.
  19. Over 50000 students are gainfully employed in Travel, Airline, Cargo Industries.
  20. Our own website www.rbcsgroup.com with Students' Directory that gives you global exposure and scope for employment opportunities in India/abroad.